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Introducing the FIBERSORT!

Valvan Baling Systems introduces the FIBERSORT. A new technology that enables the recycling industry to identify and separate textiles based on fiber type.

Fibersort frontal view

Before today, valuable pure fabric was necessarily down cycled during the textile recycling process. Now, the FIBERSORT allows you to automatically sort this pure fabric, based on fiber type into different categories.

The scanning technology we use is NIR Spectroscopy. This is a spectroscopic technique based on molecular absorptions measured in the Near Infrared part of the spectrum. This technique is sensitive to organic constituents and since all textile is organic, there is no limit to the types of fiber that can be recognized.

Valvan - Fibre Sort _ Optical detection

You can view the FIBERSORT video on our YouTube channel:

We invite you to visit Valvan Baling Systems to view the test stand and discuss what the FIBERSORT can do for you! For more information, please contact us through or call +32 56 521 380.

Your reliable supplier for consumables!

Valvan Baling Systems is already well-known for supplying baling presses, but we also provide all types of consumables at competitive prices.

Consumables for channel presses

We have rewound coils instock, galvanized or black annealed between Ø 2,2 and Ø 4,2 mm. Standard coils: ±40-45kg/ coil. Coils of ± 25kg/coil: available on demand. Rosettes: available on demand.

Consumables for horizontal or vertical presses

Pet strap: Available on standard coils or jumbo coils. Different dimensions, tensile strengths ….

Cut and looped wire: Available in black annealed and galvanizedAll lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1000-5900 mm and between Ø2,2 and Ø4,0 mm

Quicklink bale ties: High Carbon; Available in bright, phosphate  and galvanised; All lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1800-5000 mm and between Ø2,4 and Ø4,0 mm

Steelstrap: Available in bleu, black painted, waxed; Millwound or Rollwound; Variaty of dimensions and tensile strengths.

Packing material

We supply a wide range of Polypropylene sheets, bale covers, shoe bags and box bags.



Tools for manual strapping (steel and PET strap), balancers, dispensers, sewing machines …

Check out our website for other types of consumables on or contact us through

Ecomondo 2014!

We will be happy to welcome you on our booth at Ecomondo 2014 from   05 – 08 November 2014, booth 195, at Rimini Fiera, Rimini, Italy. More information on

As specialists in baling presses for recycling and biomass, secondhand clothing installations and general waste handling, we will be exhibiting at this trade fair for the recycling industry and renewable energy for the second year in a row.

On our booth we will exhibit our new H40 Semi-Automatic baling press.


Come have a talk about your upcoming projects and see what we can do for you.  Our sales engineers will be there to explain the range and capabilities of our machines and advise you in any way they can.

Meet our Italian sales team!

Valvan Baling Systems and Gualchierani Baling Systems present their Italian sales team!

Mr. Gianni Lunghini is the sales manager for the fiber industry:

–        Fiber baling presses

–        Bump presses

–        Tow plaiting and baling presses

–        Cake presses

–        Bagging presses for short fiber

–        Handling systems and peripherals

You can contact Mr. Lunghini on


Mr. Stefano Dall’Olmo is the sales manager for the used clothing & wiper industry:

–        Baling presses for export bales

–        Baling presses for large bales

–        Wiper presses

–        Sorting systems for used clothing

He is also responsible for the horizontal presses for recycling of waste materials:

–        Horizontal ‘closed-end’ baling presses with manual tying

–        Horizontal continuous channel baling presses with automatic tying (with metal wire or polypropylene twine)

You can contact Mr. Dall’Olmo on