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Breakthrough in the bico and hygiene market!

Our continuous efforts to improve speed and reliability of our swivel box presses, has resulted in the succesful sale of more then 10 machines in the last year, mainly in the bico and hygiene market.

The main issues with existing machinery in this market are fiber fly and contamination of the fiber. By using a special suction system, an adapted aeration system, a special design of the pressing plate and use of stainless steel and surface treatment, we were sucessful in reducing the fiber fly and contamination to an acceptable level.

The first of these improved machines was succesfully started up in Japan last April.  Our level of adaptivity and continuous improvement has lead to excellent results and higher sales.

The fastest GSA ever is up and running!

We recently commissioned 3 new full automatic GSA200-AS6 presses in a new and modern viscose staple fiber plant in China.
We achieve a capacity of 40 bales per hour of 300 kg per bale without any operator intervention. Wrapping, strapping and bale evacuation is fully automatic.
The only required manual intervention is for restocking consumbales (wrapping and strapping material) and maintenance.

To reach the high production capacity of 240 TPD, we used a double feeding system with 2 condensors and we improved the machine cycle considerably. To reduce fiber fly, we also installed a new suction system.



Sale of the 100th GSA baling press!

Gualchierani Baling Systems is very happy to announce the sale of the 100th GSA  baling press.

The patented GSA design was first presented to the market 18 years ago, at the ITMA exhibition in Paris in 1999. Since then, we managed to sell the GSA all over the world and for processing all types of fibers (acrylic, polyester, viscose, cotton, polypropylene, etc…)

The GSA has undergone several technical improvements over the course of the years to increase the capacity, performance and reliability.

With the sale of number 100, also comes the sale of number 101. Both GSA’s are part of a major, high capacity, turnkey project in the US for viscose fiber, completely handled by Gualchierani Baling Systems. The project includes a.o. these two GSA200-AS6 presses with a capacity of 41 bales per hour. To guarantee this high capacity, the project also includes a special feeding system, automatic wrapping and strapping, bale handling with moisture detection, weighing system, automatic labelling and bale stacking.

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Sale of 3 full-automatic GSA baling presses for viscose fiber in China

Gualchierani Baling Systems sold 3 full-automatic GSA baling presses (with automatic wrapping and strapping) for the expansion in the factory of Sateri in China.

The machines have a capacity of 37 bales per hour each and the bale weights will reach up to 300 kg. They will be equipped with al the latest developments of the GSA baling press:

  • New patented automatic wrapping device (to wrap the bales before strapping)
  • New patented system with double door
  • New system to prevent and collect fiber flying
  • New loader concept

This sale shows that the Chinese market is now really moving towards the installation of full automatic machines to save on labour costs.