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Waste handling systems for hygiene product manufacturers

Valvan Baling systems is the preferred supplier for waste handling systems at several renowned hygiene product manufacturing companies.

One of the largest producers of hygiene products, such as diapers and feminine care, has built a new state-of-the-art plant. All the trim waste from the production lines is handled through a waste handling system, built and installed by Valvan Baling systems NV, in cooperation with our sister company Cretes NV.


The trim waste is taken straight from the different suction points on the production lines by a pneumatic transport system from Cretes and transported to the fully automatic Valvan C40 baling press. The press is equipped with a prepressing lid to pre-compact the very light materials before being pressed. Next, the non-woven and plastic waste is pressed in compact, heavy and easily stackable bales, which are transported to a plastics recycling company (

Both Valvan and Cretes have a long history and a lot of experience in building turnkey waste handling systems for hygiene, non-woven and technical textiles producers.

In line with our success in these sectors, we have recently also delivered very robust semi-automatic H40 baling presses to two production facilities of another important hygiene production company in Russia and Czech Republic. The presses are equipped with prepressing lid, tilting systems and feeding conveyors.

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The H-type baling press revamped for increased efficiency at a lower cost!

Thanks to the redesign of our high quality horizontal baling press, we are now able to offer an even more efficient solution at a lower cost.

The Horizontal Valvan baling press is fitted with a hydraulic vertical sliding door for smooth and safe operation. It is suited for low capacity waste streams and delivers high density well shaped bales. The H-type baler is available from 150kN up to 600kN pressing forces and in different motorizations.

Our baling system allows for quick and easy manual tying of the bale with quicklinks, PET/PP strap or cord ties. Although the baler is compact it nevertheless has full bale ejection. The main press plate runs on hardened steel wheels.

For baling textiles and materials with high expansion properties, a unique retaining hooks system is included in the pressing channel.

Optional features include special knife and counter knife system, Hydraulic filling lid and integrated cart tipping devices, pneumatic transport integration, etc…

This redesigned end door baling press is still as robustly built as Valvan customers have come to expect from us, and will serve their application well for decades to come.

We have been able to enhance certain features to make our baling press more economical in initial purchase as well as in maintenance cost.

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New delivery horizontal baling press with POLYTIER

We have developed an innovative tying system, the POLYTIER, which automatically ties off the bales with high-strength polypropylene to ensure  strong reliable knots that do not break or stretch.

Originally designed to meet the requirements of RDF and MSW processors, this innovation now also attracts attention from the textile recycling market. The fully-automatic, high pressure horizontal baling press with POLYTIER can be used to produce high compression non-woven PP bales, consisting of a single material. This allows a 1-step recycling into granulates by shredding and feeding into a PP-extruder.

Using PP-cord instead of steel wire improves operator safety and ergonomics: no sharp edges that cause injuries during handling and light PP-cord rolls that are easy to handle.

It reduces maintenance and repair costs by avoiding that metal pieces can damage machinery in the bale opening process or oil pollution of your product.

Additional savings can be found in the reduced strapping cost that amounts to 1,4 €/bale in comparison with steel wire.

Compared to fully automatic vertical baling presses, this concept involves a lower investment cost and more compact design for an equal capacity.

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