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Increasing demand for high capacity baling presses for export bales!

We notice an increasing demand in efficient, high-capacity baling presses. In the last few months, we have already sold 3 GD-R presses for the European market.

The GD-R press with automatic cart feeding system, automatic strapping and bale evacuation produces up to 60 bales hour with only 1 press operator. This machine was first designed in 2010 and is now updated with the latest technological advancements to maximize speed, reliability, safety and maintainability.

Huge succes in sales of trailer tippers for used clothing!

After the succesful installation of the first trailer tipper in the USA in january 2017, we received a lot of enquiries  from all over the world.

Manual unloading of trailers is very labor-intensive and can also be dangerous, due to increasing pollution and presence of metals, glass,… in the waste fraction.
By unloading automatically, savings in labor cost are substantial and the payback period is short.
This has resulted up to now in the sale of 5 trailer tippers for delivery later this year and early next year in Europe. The first one is in production.

And negotiations are ongoing for the sale of several more.

US project for a 53 ft trailer tipper for used clothing

In january, we started up our biggest tipper yet for automatic unloading of 53 ft trailers with used clothing in the US. The tipper is part of an automatic unloading and presorting system.


A trailer is driven onto the tipping platform and the truck is disconnected. After securing the safety zone, the tipper automatically starts tipping the material onto an unloading belt that enters into the building. The level of goods on the unloading belt is measured and the tipping angle of the tipper is automatically adjusted. From there, the material goes to a presorting system, where quality is checked and rubbish is removed, before going to the sorting operation.

The design and construction of the tipper is a fine example of our expertise in mechanical and hydraulic engineering and our experience in high strength welding.


Fitting the construction into 40 ft high cube containers and installing the equipment on site also required the expertise of our technicians.


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Successful start-ups of 3 sorting systems for used clothing in Europe

In the last year, we have succesfully started-up 3 modern sorting systems for used clothing in Europe. Each system was custom-made to the requirements of the customer, the production and the available space.

At ‘Les Petits Riens’ in Belgium, we installed a box sorting system in their new building. We designed an unloading system, specifically built for their needs. As a collector of used clothing, they have several types of trucks, tilting trucks and small vans that unload at all hours of the day. After a presorting to remove the waste, the clothing can be filled in cages, big bags or it can be sent to the first sorting operation, where it is categorized and sent to the second sorting operation for further separation into a final product.

lpr-034 lpr-125

lpr-141 lpr-067

The next big project was a box sorting system for Respect-Textil Deutschland GmbH in Polch, Germany Because of the high production capacity, the automatic evacuation system from the second sorting operation to the presses for small and large bales, was a worthwhile investment to achieve an efficient sorting factory with a minimal labor cost.

respect-textil-deutschland-104 respect-textil-deutschland-130

img_1522 img_1568

The most high-tech project is a speech sorting system with integrated FIBERSORT for VIVE Group in Poland. The system is fed with swap trailers that are tilted and emptied automatically. After a presorting to remove the waste, the sorters in the speech sorting system separate the textiles directly into 36 categories. The non-rewearable textiles are automatically sorted based on the fiber composition by the FIBERSORT.

img_1467 img_1413

img_1473 img_1491