Experience in tow results in a turnkey project

Years of experience and development in diverse markets have now led to the realization of a turnkey project for acetate tow production. This project includes the plaiting of the tow, the automatic transport of the tow-cans from the plaiting units to the three tow presses.

Our tow plaiting system ensures a high-speed, accurate and reliable plaiting action and is equipped with anti-static ionization devices.

The automatic tow can handling system is built out of robust chain conveyors and transfer shuttles. Each tow can from each plaiting position can automatically be transferred to each of the 3 tow presses. To ensure a continuous operation and the possibility to do maintenance, we foresee extra parking positions. The control system keeps track of the exact location of each can at all times.

An accurate loading system ensures a smooth transfer of the tow into the pressing box and a high compression hydraulic bale press produces a high density bale. Wrapping and strapping can be done manually or automatically, depending on the capacity, labor intensity and budget.

The bale removal system is cleverly integrated into the pressing unit to avoid additional costs. The bale handling system consists of shuttles, lifting and turning devices with integrated weighing system that gather all the bales to 1 central position to facilitate the transfer to the warehouse. Valvan also provides complete warehousing facilities to extend the duration of independence of the baling units.

Our Europe-based production plant delivers high quality materials and professional finishing. Our experienced service engineers provide on-site and after sales support as well as training to ensure your production.

We are convinced that this turnkey solution can be of great interest for customers who want to limit their number of suppliers and desire flexibility and custom-made equipment.

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We will also be attending the next ITMA ASIA exhibition in 2014 and the ITMA exhibition in 2015, where we welcome you to discuss how we can improve your operation.