New success in the bleached cotton industry at Lemoine in Holland!

This high performance single box baling press is ideally suited for baling low bulk density materials like the bleached cotton that is processed in this project. Valvan supplied Lemoine this second production line, with a complete scope from pneumatic feeding to bale evacuation.

The condenser feeds the cotton fibre to the feeding belt, that serves as a temporary storage. A horizontal loader pre-compacts the material before entering the press in order to achieve a minimal cycle time. The cotton is baled with 75 tons hydraulic pressure to achieve a bale weight of 200 kg and a total production of 1.200 kg/ h.

The bales are automatically strapped with PET-strap and subsequently wrapped on 4 sides with stretch-foil. The bales are weighed and stored on roller conveyors until they are taken off by a lift truck.

For this application, all parts that come in contact with the fiber are made out of stainless steel.

A platform in several levels allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The complete installation is situated inside a safety zone with secured access doors.

The PLC-controlled system keep track of the production and the weights. This data logging can be exchanged with the customer’s stock management system.

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