Offline Wrapping and Strapping

Instead of putting(a) new automated press(es), Valvan can offer as alternative an offline wrapping and strapping solution linked with your existing press(es).

Principle :
The bale gets taken out of the existing baling press with a transferrobot
The robot leads the  bale to an offline wrapping and strapping system where it is fully wrapped and strapped
Bale gets evacuated and strapping station is ready for the next bale
To avoid fiber fly we can install a sheet applicator at the existing press

A typical solution exists of:

  • Sheet applicator at existing press to put top- and bottom sheet
  • Transferrobot
  • Offline wrapping and strapping system
  • Bale evacuation to warehouse

Offline wrapping and strapping  Offline wrapping and strapping press

Advantage of this solution:

Multiple presses can be served with 1 offline station (depending on capacity)

Investment cost is low

All kinds of wrapping material can  be used

Existing presses can continue to work during installation