Automatic Wrapping & Strapping System

We can offer  automatic wrapping  and strapping:

Automatic wrapping system

The automatic wrapping system consists of:

– a sheet applicator to apply top- and bottomsheet
– an applicator to fold the sheets of the belly wrap around the bale

The top and bottom sheet are applied before pressing, the side wrapping is applied after lifting the press box.

Automatic strapping system

The strapping system consists of :

– a frame with strapping head and small C-chute
– a frame with all back channels
– inside the press plates are crossing strap channels

The stapping head and back channels move on a truck. An accurate positioning mechanism moves the strapping head from one strapping postion to the other.

We can foresee straps on the long side of the bale as well as on the short side of the bale. The straps on both directions can be done at the same time, which allow a high capacity.