Upstroke – Automatic Loading of Bumps

This hydraulic pit press is designed to make large bales of bumps. The bumps are stacked in a cart. The operator inserts a full cart into the press, and opens the bottom of the cart. The bumps sink into the press box, while the pressing plate is lowering. When the bumps are loaded in the press box, the operator removes the empty cart. Then the press box and pressing plate rises together till the press box is closed off by the upper press plate. The lower press plate rises further to press the bumps into a bale. After the bale is formed, the press box is pulled down, and the bale is free for manually wrapping and strapping.

Anqing03 Anqing05 Anqing04

Technical specifications:

Pressing force: 60 T to 300 T
Suitable for bumps: Ø400 / Ø600 / Ø800 mm
# Bumps/bale: up to 40 bumps (Ø400 mm) / up to 10 bumps (Ø800 mm)