Upstroke – Manual Loading of Bumps

This hydraulic pit press is designed to make large bales of bumps. The bumps are manually loaded into the press box, which is at an ergonomically height for easy filling. Depending on the press box dimensions, 4 or 6 bumps can be loaded per layer. After each layer, the lower pressing plate sinks the height of one layer. The press box depth allows that 6 layers are loaded. After filling the press box, the upper press plate lowers just enough to seal off the pressing box. Then the bottom plate is pulled up, and the bale is formed. Thereafter both pressing plates rise together, so that the bale comes free for wrapping and strapping.

PT120S3900-VK_3D_02 PT120S3900-VK_01

Bump bale_01    Bump bale_02

Technical specifications:

Pressing force: 120T – 300T
Bumps: Ø400 mm
# Bumps/layer: 4 or 6 (depending on the press box dimensions)
# Bumps/bale: 24 – 36
Bale weight: ± 240 – 360 kg