Horizontal – Semi-automatic Loading of Tops

This horizontal press is designed to compress bumps. The bumps are manually loaded onto the conveyor belt, which transfers the bumps automatically into the filling flap of the press. When the filling flap opens, 2 bumps are loaded into the press box. The main cylinder presses the 2 bumps into the horizontal channel, and retaining hooks hold the bumps in place, when the pressing plate returns. Then the filling flap re-opens and the next 2 bumps can be added. This cycle is repeated until 12 bumps are pressed in the channel. At that moment, the pressing box is pulled back, so the bale comes free for manual wrapping and strapping. When the bale is finished, a bale evacuation system removes the bale automatically.



DSCN3151  DSCN2998


Technical specifications:

Pressing force: 75T
Bumps: Ø700 x 1200 mm
# Bumps/bale: 12
Bale weight: ± 300 kg
Capacity: ± 8 bales/h