With Automatic Storage for Full Cans

This semi-automatic bumps press is designed for making single bumps with a weight from 10 to 45 kg, depending on the diameter of the cans.
The cans are inserted manually and stored in a tunnel. When the bump is pressed, it is automatically strapped and ejected.
The empty cans are automatically removed out of the bump press.

USA Wool - 065


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Technical specifications:

Capacity: 20/25 bumps/ h
Can diameter: 400, 600, 800 mm
Pressing force: 10 T
Bumps weight: 10 to 45 kg
Strapping: automatic
Type of strap: Plastic

For large bumps (Ø600 mm & Ø800mm) an automatic palletizer system can be added, in order to load the bumps into carts.

USA Wool - 005  USA Wool - 021