Coupled with Gills – Automatic Tying

The automatic bump press is combined with a coiling machine (chain gill). The full cans, coming from the chain gill are automatically fed into the bump press. After pressing and tying the bump, the bump is ejected automatically out of the press. The empty cans returns automatically back to the chain gill, in order to be filled again.

The can diameters vary from 400, 600 to 800 mm. Depending on the can diameter, the pressing force of the bump press will be either 5 tons or 12 tons.

5AFS_04 5AFS_02


Technical specifications:

Capacity: up to 60 bumps/ h
Can diameter: 400, 600, 800 mm
Pressing force: 5 T / 12 T
Bump weight: 10 to 45 kg
Strapping: automatic tying with PA string

Further automation is possible by adding an automatic palletizer system to load the bumps into carts.

Palletizer (Large)