GSA with Automatic Strapping

To reduce labor cost and to acquire equal tension for all of the straps we can add an automatic strapping system on the GSA press.


The automatic strapping system consists of a driven guide system with a cradle on both sides.
One cradle contains the strapping head, the other the C-chute.
The strap is welded by means of friction.
Strap size up to 19 mm.
The number of straps can be chosen by the customer.



It exists of:

– feeding and sealing module

Sealer M634-M658 Feeder M634-M658

– strap dispenser

Strap dispenser for jumbo coils

– cradle with C-chutes and a positioning system


Type of strap welding:  friction welding

Width of the strap: 16 or 19 mm

# straps per bale and per position: up to customers’ request

If needed for capacity reasons more than 1 strapping head can be installed