Automatic Strapping + 6 Sided Wrapping

Most of the bales are fully wrapped and strapped.

6-sided wrapped and strapped bales

To do this automatically we need:

– Top- and bottom sheet applicator or sheet dispenser

Sheetapplicator 2  sheetunroller -1

– Folding system to fold these sheets around the bale and special press plates

Folding system with fingers

– Belly wrap application system without thermal welding !

Application of the belly wrap by rotation – no thermal welding involved !

Remark: on a swivel box press we can also apply a belly wrap, but there we don’t use a rotative but a translation system.

– Strapping system



Sheet dispenser or applicator: sheets (PE, woven PP,..) up to 1.800 mm width and variable length (input possible in operating panel)

Strapping system: friction head

# straps and/or strapping heads: depending on the request of the customer

Width of straps: 16 or 19 mm