Pneumatic Transportation

There are different ways to feed the material into the press.
Amongst others:
  • Cutter on top and gravitary feeding
  • Conveyor feeding
  • Pneumatic transportation (condenser)
This page shows the feeding by pneumatic transportation
Typically a pneumatic transportation system exists of:

  •  a condenser (with in- and outlet)
  • a fan
  • a set of tubing
  • a filter

Condenser: capacity from 300 kg – 6.000 kg/hr

Types: rotary, drum and static condensers


Example of a drum condenser

Fan: from 5.5 kW up to 110 kW

Suction fan-06

Tubing: designed up to the needs of the customer

Filter: sleeve filters (8 sleeves up 200 sleeves – depending on filter capacity needed)


Remark: Each material that has to be fed to the press has different characteristics. So each installation needs to be carefully calculated.
Depending on quantity of the fiber, distance from the source to the condenser, number of bends in the tubing etc.. we can design the optimal trajectory.

As an option we can also integrate metal detection

Metal detector Metron 05