Automatic Swivel Box Pit Press

The automatic DP40R-AS2-BES is a fast and efficient swivel box pit press. While the operator manually loads 1 box, the automatic strapping system straps the bale in the other box. Loading of the press and applying the wrapping material is done simultaneously, which makes this a high capacity – single operator machine. The wrapping material is a special size for this application.

Have a look at the video, taken during the start-up in our factory on our YouTube channel:

Capacity: 45 – 50 bales/ h with 1 press operator

  • Filling: Manually at a comfortable height
  • Pressing force: 40 tons
  • Motor power: 37kW
  • Machine weight: 9 tons
  • Box size (LxWxH) : 750 x 450 x 2000 mm
  • Bale size (LxWxH) : 765 x 465 x 250-600 mm
  • Bale weight: 45 to 100 kg
  • # straps: 4 + 2