Valvan Baling Systems introduces the FIBERSORT.

The Fibersort is a technology that automatically sorts large volumes of garments and finished products by fibre composition and color. This allows them to be recycled into new, high-quality textiles. Once sorted, these materials become reliable, consistent input materials for high-value textile to textile recyclers. High-value recycling technologies can transition low-value waste into new, high-value textiles and they are a critical link in the circular supply chain. Therefore, the Fibersort is a key technology that will enable textile resources to cycle repeatedly through the supply chain. We believe, that it will create a tipping point for a new, circular textile industry.

Valvan Baling Systems was a partner in an INTERREG project to develop the FIBERSORT. Click logo for more information:

Back in 2016, we partnered up with organisations Wieland TextilesWorn AgainProcotex, Circle Economy and Leger des Heils ReShare to start the development of the Fibersort. More information can be found here:

On March 14th 2018, we organize the first DEMO DAY at Wieland Textiles in Holland. More information through this link:

Before today, valuable pure fabric was necessarily down cycled during the textile recycling process. Now, the FIBERSORT allows you to automatically sort this pure fabric, based on fiber type and color into different categories. The scanning technology we use is NIR Spectroscopy. This is a spectroscopic technique based on molecular absorptions measured in the Near Infrared part of the spectrum. This technique is sensitive to organic constituents and since all textile is organic, there is no limit to the types of fiber that can be recognized. Since this process requires a feed of one piece at a time, the supply of the textiles to the system must also be piece by piece. This can be done manually by an operator that takes the items from a pile and puts them piece by piece on a conveyor belt.

Have a look at a video on our YouTube channel: YouTube-logo-full_color_verysmall

Download our brochure here: Brochure Fibersort