Turnkey Projects

complete turnkey solutions

Together with our sister companies within the Valtech group we are able to design , produce and take in operation complete projects for waste handling and recycling applications.

Complete turnkey  solutions can be offered  by Valvan  so that you only have to deal with one contactcompany for your entire project.

Removal of trim waste, cut outs and punch outs of plastics and non-woven materials straight from production line in to compact wrapped bales. Combination of pneumatic transport, baling presses and bale handling system

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Production- and trim- waste handling from glass wool manufacturing

Combination of pneumatic transport , shredder and baling press

Trim waste removal from currogated cardboard production and converting lines

Combination of pneumatic transport, shredders and baling presses





Trim waste handling Cardboard

Trim waste removel from currogated cardboard prodcution and converting lines