End Door Baling Press – special applications

The Valvan Heavy duty end-door baling presses are suited to bale even the most resistant  materials such as foam waste , Carpet and  rubber and waste tyres .

The very large feed opening of up to 2,5m  allows to  take large volumes of highly expanding materials and large size parts, that do not have to be made smaller before loading into the press.

Our large size  HL and HLH baling presses  can even be fitted with a side press , doubling the width of the press at the filling area. This hugely increasing the volume that can be pressed at one time. This also makes loading operations much  easier, faster and safer .

img_1847  IMG_0733  H60DL2500_kipper_04

We can design and build  our baling presses to fit the specific product characteristics  and optimize  manner of feeding to get a reliable and safe waste installation. Contact us directly to discuss you’re specific needs for heavy duty baling presses.

Matras and Foam waste

IMG_1222 DSCN1199

Carpet and textile waste 

DSC01499 Baal_timzo

Waste Tyres, tyre chips  and Rubber waste

tyre-waste.590  k4dz5w