Single box – conveyor feeding

These heavy duty vertical baling presses with conveyor filling, are used to bale medium capacities of materials in high density bales.

Manual wrapping and strapping of the bale whilst under pressure is possible by using a liftbox design.

A lot of different  fibrous materials  are baled in our vertical  machines and there are many more aplications:

Shredded carpet and nonwovens for Horsetracks ; Cotonised natural fibers ,  Shredded materials used for insulation , Recycled glassfibers , Textile fibers coming from tearing lines , etc…


These semi-automatic baling presses feature hydraulic retainer hooks , large size liftbox , 7+2 wireslots  , fast hydraulics and state of the art PLC controls .

Available Pressing forces : 25 Tons, 40 Tons, 75 Tons, 120 Tons, 160 Tons , 200 Tons

Balesize: ± 1120 mm (L) x  ±   720 mm (W)  x Height ± 1040 mm (max. 1.200 mm)


Filling options  available :

– Horizontal conveyor in combination with pneumatic transport


– Single slanting conveyor


– Slanting conveyor and buffer conveyor


– Special feeding according  to customer wishes

Several versions and specifications are available.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for baling your product in our vertical recycling baling presses.