Single box vertical baling press manual feeding

These  small and compact baling presses are suited to be placed in spaces with limited room.  In-between production lines, in store rooms or distribution centres .

They are used to bale limited amounts of cardboard , plastic foils, yarn, textiles  and trim waste.

Filling is done  manually using a secured loading  door at the front of  the pressbox.

Several versions and specifications are available.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for baling your product in our vertical recycling baling presses.


Vertical recycling


These robust  machines  take up only limited floor space and are easy to operate.

Tying of the bales is done manually by  using metal quick links, straps or even twine and cord.

Balesize :  ±1150 mm (L) x ± 600 mm (W) x ± 650 mm (Max. Height)

Baleweight: 100-150 kg (strongly dependent on materials to be baled)

Available pressing foces: 15 Ton and 25 Ton

Auto-bale expulsion included



The V40 lift box balers are used for producing large and heavy bales of different types of materials.

Equipped with a lifting pressbox to allow the bales to be easily  wrapped and strapped while being under pressure.

Retainer hooks are provided in the pressbox to allow for several fillings of light density materials.

Balesize :  ± 1150 mm (L) x ± 730 mm (W) x ± 1100 mm (Max. Height)

Baleweight: 300-450 kg (strongly dependent on materials to be baled)

Available pressing foces: 40 Ton  and  60 Ton  (Heavy duty)

Version available with several filling doors for stacked goods.  (f.e. tyres )