Second hand sorting equipment for 16 tons/ shift

Year of construction: 2002
Serial number: P02069
Condition: The equipment is in good condition. The system must be equipped with a new electrical control system.
Capacity: 16 tons/ shift with 8 operator positions in first sorting and 15 operator positions in second sorting.

The equipment is stored in our warehouse.

The system consists of the following machinery:

  • Tilting device for cages
  • Storage belt
  • Feeding belt to forst sorting
  • First sorting robot
  • 4 first sorting tables for 2 operators per table
  • 2 sorting modules with 24 boxes
  • 4 letterboxes for small items
  • First sorting platform
  • Evacuation belt under modules
  • Feeding belt to second sorting 1
  • Feeding belt to second sorting 2
  • Second sorting robot
  • 15 second sorting tables