Introducing the new NDG40R used clothing press for export bales!

With ever increasing labor costs and stricter legislation concerning operator safety and working environment, the market demands more automated machines with less and simplified manual labor.

More automation also implies a higher technical complexity and a higher dependence on technology. For this reason, reliable technical equipment and maintainability are of great importance. Our many years of experience in the automation of fiber presses is very useful in this respect.

In answering to this market demand, we developed the NDG40R, a semi-automatic baling press with a guaranteed capacity of 35 bales/ hour with 1 press operator.

We have automated the filling operation, the strapping action and the bale removal. The remaining operator tasks are light and ergonomic work.

And although the novelty of this NDG40R is the level of automation, we did not lose sight of some important factors for your market:

The bale weight ranges from 45 up to 100 kg. We can produce bales with a height under pressure from 200 to 550 mm. This is the highest range available on the market.

  • By using especially designed carts, the loading of the goods can be done independently from the press and a stock of loads can be prepared. The goods can easily be loaded folded or crush-packed in the carts.
  • The wrapping of the bale remains a manual operation in order to allow the use of different wrapping materials / colors for different items/customers.
  • The PC controlled system keep track of the production, the baled materials and the weights. This information can be used and exchanged with the customer’s stock management system.

The NDG40R is the ONE press that can make ALL your export bales!

 We are currently building this machine in our workshop and it will be available for you to visit beginning of June. If you would like to come over for a glimpse of the NDG40R, please contact the sales manager: Gaetane Decloedt at or call +32 (0) 56 521 383 for more information.