Installation of a palletizer system for bumps!

Valvan has successfully installed a palletizer system for bumps at Trevira in Germany. The palletizer system is designed for the automatic loading of bumps (Ø400 mm) into carts, with a production capacity of 40 bumps/hour.

This palletizer system is positioned at the exit of the fully automatic bumps press, which is connected with a chain gill.

After the bumps are ejected from the bumps press, they are collected on a belt conveyor and positioned 2 by 3, making a layer of 6 bumps. The palletizer gripper picks up the complete layer of 6 bumps and places it into a cart. There are 2 loading positions for carts and each cart can contain up to 24 bumps. Only the manipulation of the carts (inserting empty carts /removing full carts) is done by the operator.

Of course, the palletizer system can also be designed for other bumps dimensions, other configurations (# bumps/layer) and more loading positions.

For more information, please contact us through or call +32 56 521 380.