New knotter for string tying of bumps

Since September of this year, the bump presses with string (or rope) tying are equipped with a new knotter type JET2000.  This knotter JET2000 is the ideal substitute, for the former knotter types 600 and 1200 that are no longer produced.

This small, fast and reliable knotter has already proven itself for many years in diverse markets, such as the food industry, tying wood bundles, coils and cables, cardboard packages…

With its small dimensions and weight, the knotter JET2000 can easily be integrated in existing bump presses, from which the knotter should be replaced. As this new knotter operates with different kinds of strings, it is very likely that even the former type of string can be used.

Although the former knotter types 600 and 1200 are no longer in production, the spare parts of these knotter types will still be available for some time.

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