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First full-automatic baling press for bumps and tops

Gualchierani Baling Systems is very happy to announce the sale of the first baling press for bumps and tops with full automatic wrapping and strapping with polyester straps.

Up to now, all the baling presses in the market (above ground or underground) were equipped with manual wrapping (using 2 half bags) and, in some cases, automatic strapping with polyester straps. The new Gualchierani machine is a 300 ton pit baling press and is also equipped with automatic loading of the carts in the baling press. It has a capacity of 15 bales per hour with a weight of 450 to 500 kg each. The new baling press will be installed in China.



Installation of a palletizer system for bumps!

Valvan has successfully installed a palletizer system for bumps at Trevira in Germany. The palletizer system is designed for the automatic loading of bumps (Ø400 mm) into carts, with a production capacity of 40 bumps/hour.

This palletizer system is positioned at the exit of the fully automatic bumps press, which is connected with a chain gill.

After the bumps are ejected from the bumps press, they are collected on a belt conveyor and positioned 2 by 3, making a layer of 6 bumps. The palletizer gripper picks up the complete layer of 6 bumps and places it into a cart. There are 2 loading positions for carts and each cart can contain up to 24 bumps. Only the manipulation of the carts (inserting empty carts /removing full carts) is done by the operator.

Of course, the palletizer system can also be designed for other bumps dimensions, other configurations (# bumps/layer) and more loading positions.

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New knotter for string tying of bumps

Since September of this year, the bump presses with string (or rope) tying are equipped with a new knotter type JET2000.  This knotter JET2000 is the ideal substitute, for the former knotter types 600 and 1200 that are no longer produced.

This small, fast and reliable knotter has already proven itself for many years in diverse markets, such as the food industry, tying wood bundles, coils and cables, cardboard packages…

With its small dimensions and weight, the knotter JET2000 can easily be integrated in existing bump presses, from which the knotter should be replaced. As this new knotter operates with different kinds of strings, it is very likely that even the former type of string can be used.

Although the former knotter types 600 and 1200 are no longer in production, the spare parts of these knotter types will still be available for some time.

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