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New hydraulic reel splitter / guillotine

Valvan Baling Systems NV has developed a new type of hydraulic reel splitter/ guillotine for cutting all kind of rolls or blocks of plastic, rubber, polyurethane, etc. …

Main characteristic is that the machine is driven by 2 hydraulic cylinders with automatic hydraulic synchronisation. Even if the load is completely on 1 side of the knife, there is a perfect synchronisation between the 2 cylinders.

The size and pressing force can be adapted according to the requirements of the customer, as well as the stroke of the knife. It can be a fixed stroke or the cutter can have a long stroke and a short stroke. The hydraulic cutter can be a stand-alone unit or it can be integrated in a line. In both cases, the necessary safety measures are foreseen.

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Your reliable supplier for consumables!

Valvan Baling Systems is already well-known for supplying baling presses, but we also provide all types of consumables at competitive prices.

Consumables for channel presses

We have rewound coils instock, galvanized or black annealed between Ø 2,2 and Ø 4,2 mm. Standard coils: ±40-45kg/ coil. Coils of ± 25kg/coil: available on demand. Rosettes: available on demand.

Consumables for horizontal or vertical presses

Pet strap: Available on standard coils or jumbo coils. Different dimensions, tensile strengths ….

Cut and looped wire: Available in black annealed and galvanizedAll lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1000-5900 mm and between Ø2,2 and Ø4,0 mm

Quicklink bale ties: High Carbon; Available in bright, phosphate  and galvanised; All lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1800-5000 mm and between Ø2,4 and Ø4,0 mm

Steelstrap: Available in bleu, black painted, waxed; Millwound or Rollwound; Variaty of dimensions and tensile strengths.

Packing material

We supply a wide range of Polypropylene sheets, bale covers, shoe bags and box bags.



Tools for manual strapping (steel and PET strap), balancers, dispensers, sewing machines …

Check out our website for other types of consumables on or contact us through

A new design for storage cages

Pursuing our mission for constant innovation and intelligent design, our engineers came up with a brand new design for storage cages.

The aim was to design a robust, stable structure that can easily be stacked 3-high for optimal space usage. The method of (un)loading the cage determines the design of the front side: set of wooden boards, hinged metal doors, fully closed metal panel.

In regards to the structure itself, we use laser cutting technology, sheet-metal working machines and welding molds to efficiently produce medium to large series at a correct price.

The reinforcing tube in the front is detachable, drastically reducing the space required for storing and transporting empty cages. The tube can easily be put back in place, ensuring the stability.

Depending on the type of lift truck used for transport, the robust basic structure can be equipped with two rectangular tubes for lift trucks with forks. Alternatively, a profile can be mounted on the back side, designed to be used by a lift truck with lifting block. Furthermore, lateral reinforcements can be added for lift trucks with bale clamp.

Our experience can guide you in choosing the optimal design for your needs. For more information, please contact us through or call +32 56 521 380.