Your reliable supplier for consumables!

Valvan Baling Systems is already well-known for supplying baling presses, but we also provide all types of consumables at competitive prices.

Consumables for channel presses

We have rewound coils instock, galvanized or black annealed between Ø 2,2 and Ø 4,2 mm. Standard coils: ±40-45kg/ coil. Coils of ± 25kg/coil: available on demand. Rosettes: available on demand.

Consumables for horizontal or vertical presses

Pet strap: Available on standard coils or jumbo coils. Different dimensions, tensile strengths ….

Cut and looped wire: Available in black annealed and galvanizedAll lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1000-5900 mm and between Ø2,2 and Ø4,0 mm

Quicklink bale ties: High Carbon; Available in bright, phosphate  and galvanised; All lengths and diameters possible within a range of 1800-5000 mm and between Ø2,4 and Ø4,0 mm

Steelstrap: Available in bleu, black painted, waxed; Millwound or Rollwound; Variaty of dimensions and tensile strengths.

Packing material

We supply a wide range of Polypropylene sheets, bale covers, shoe bags and box bags.



Tools for manual strapping (steel and PET strap), balancers, dispensers, sewing machines …

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