Automatic bagging press

This type of press is especially designed to put short natural fibers (like shives of flax, hemp and other natural products)  or short cut synthetic fibers into bags.

Automatic means :

  • automatic feeding of the material in the press
  • automatic application of the bag at the exit channel

Have a look at the video on our YouTube channel:

The bag is formed from sheet foil (that can have commercial imprint).

DSCN6498  DSCN6497

Via a form shoulder and a set of thermal welding bars the bag is formed around the exit channel.

DSCN6499  DSCN6495

The material gets pushed in the bag and sealed automatically.


Weight of bags can vary from 5 kg up to 50 kg.
Dimensions can be designed to customer’s demand.
Pressing force : 25 T / 40 T

Feeding can be done by one or more conveyor belts or by pneumatic transportation.

Optional we can also offer bag evacuation and stacking.