Automation Tow Baling Press

As options for the Tow Baling Press we can offer :

  • Automatic wrapping

For automatic wrapping we need :

– a sheet applicator to apply top- and bottomsheet

– an applicator to fold the sheets of the belly wrap around the bale

Before pressing we apply top and bottom sheet.
After lifting the box the side wrapping can be apllied and the bale can be strapped.


  • Automatic strapping

The strapping can be done by means of 1 or more strapping heads.
Inside the press plates we can foresee (crossing) strap channels.

The strapping heads and back-channels move on a truck into position to make a closed loop with the strap channels in the press plates.

We can foresee straps on the long side of the bale as well as on the short side of the bale.

Thanks to a clever design, we can strap both directions at the same time to have a high throughput machine.

Tow balen_Taekwang