Plaiting & Tow Can Transportation

Valvan provides solutions for tow plaiting equipment for different types of material.
We produce plaiters for Acetate tow (filter cigarettes), Acrylic tow, Carbon fiber tow, …

02 - plaiter

We also design and produce tow cans up to customer’s request.

01 -Tow can











Once the tow can is full, it needs to be transported to the baling press and a new empty can has to be positioned under the plaiter.

For realising this, we design and produce a network of conveyors and shuttles.

03 - Tow cans on shuttles 04 - Conveyors

Different options possible:

Plaiters with 2 rolls or 3 rolls (for more accurate plaiting)

Speed nominal 500 – 600 m/min – maximum up to 1.000 m/min

X-Y movement of the plaiter or X-movement + swivel


Tow cans + shuttles