Meet our Italian sales team!

Valvan Baling Systems and Gualchierani Baling Systems present their Italian sales team!

Mr. Gianni Lunghini is the sales manager for the fiber industry:

–        Fiber baling presses

–        Bump presses

–        Tow plaiting and baling presses

–        Cake presses

–        Bagging presses for short fiber

–        Handling systems and peripherals

You can contact Mr. Lunghini on


Mr. Stefano Dall’Olmo is the sales manager for the used clothing & wiper industry:

–        Baling presses for export bales

–        Baling presses for large bales

–        Wiper presses

–        Sorting systems for used clothing

He is also responsible for the horizontal presses for recycling of waste materials:

–        Horizontal ‘closed-end’ baling presses with manual tying

–        Horizontal continuous channel baling presses with automatic tying (with metal wire or polypropylene twine)

You can contact Mr. Dall’Olmo on