Valvan Baling Systems: the reference in foam baling

We have recently delivered 2 brand new horizontal baling press installations to mattress producing companies who wanted to pack their waste foam in very dense, nice-looking, stackable bales.

A medium size machine with large filling opening and automatic filling lid, was delivered to Euro-Mousse, a successful and steadily expanding Belgian company producing mattresses and pillows, mainly for the healthcare sector.


This H40D2100M features

  • A pressing force of 40 ton, a large filling opening of 2,1 m allowing the filling of complete mattresses
  • A hydraulic operated sliding end-door for extra safety
  • Large retainer hooks
  • Horizontal and vertical tying.

We are the only manufacturer that offers cross-tying on semi-automatic baling presses for foam!

dsc_0429-bewerkt euromousse-logo

 An even larger baling installation was delivered to 1 of the largest Spanish mattress manufacturers for their new Zaragoza plant. Here, a larger amount of materials needed to be treated and so a larger baling presses was required.

Our largest horizontal machine, the H75DL2500L, was the perfect solution. This 75 ton main press with 25 ton side press, has an enormous filling opening of 2,5 m x 1.5m, being the largest filling opening available on the market for baling bulky materials like foam.

This complete turnkey baling installation also features a cart tilting device, a wide feeding conveyor to the baling press, automatic bale removal and bale storage conveyors.

Foam waste is one of the most difficult materials to bale and requires special purpose baling presses with a robust construction and specific features that cannot be found on any standard baling press used for other wastes like cardboard, plastics or general wastes.

Valvan Baling Systems NV remains the reference in foam baling and delivers baling presses built to last!

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