Valvan Baling Systems, your spare parts supplier!

For production plants, it is essential to reduce  downtime to a minimum. This is only possible if you have the most critical spare parts in stock, so that a technical problem can be solved quickly. As the lead time of hydraulic spare parts can vary from a few weeks to a few months, the importance of having these critical spare parts in stock is obvious.

Valvan Baling Systems can provide you with the necessary spare parts to create your own minimum stock for your bale pressing plant.

Not only for the baling presses produced by us, but also for baling presses from other manufacturers. Over the last 15 years, Valvan has taken over several well-known baling press manufactures, such as LVD (fiber baling presses), Piferoen, Ateliers St Eloi (bump presses) and Gualchierani.  Some of these manufacturers have been producing baling presses for more than 50 years and the machines were exported all over the world. Many of them are still  running in production plants.

Also for these baling presses, Valvan can provide the required spare parts. All inquiries can be sent to .