New automatic swivel box pit press for small bales of used clothing!

This new rotating double box pit press is designed to produce 50 bales per hour of 45 to 100 kg bales with only 1 operator!

While loading the press and applying the wrapping material in 1 manual operation on the loading box, simultaneously a fully-automatic pressing and strapping cycle is done on the pressing box.

The 40 tons pressure results in high density bales and the powerful hydraulic unit ensures a fast and smooth operation.

Our years of experience in automatic strapping systems now results in a reliable, maintenance-friendly system with a low strapping material cost!

The finished bales are temporarily stored on a conveyor so they can be collected grouped to save time.

The operator controls from a touch panel with visual representation of the machine provide simple operations for non-technical personal.

For more information, please contact us through or call +32 56 521 380.