US project for a 53 ft trailer tipper for used clothing

In january, we started up our biggest tipper yet for automatic unloading of 53 ft trailers with used clothing in the US. The tipper is part of an automatic unloading and presorting system.


A trailer is driven onto the tipping platform and the truck is disconnected. After securing the safety zone, the tipper automatically starts tipping the material onto an unloading belt that enters into the building. The level of goods on the unloading belt is measured and the tipping angle of the tipper is automatically adjusted. From there, the material goes to a presorting system, where quality is checked and rubbish is removed, before going to the sorting operation.

The design and construction of the tipper is a fine example of our expertise in mechanical and hydraulic engineering and our experience in high strength welding.


Fitting the construction into 40 ft high cube containers and installing the equipment on site also required the expertise of our technicians.


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