New swivel box press design: user-friendly, safe and efficient!

This new design focusses on the efficiency and the convenience for the operator.

  • By using higher strength steel, we were able to lower the bottom frame without compromising the structural force. This enabled us to reduce the filling height for the operator considerably.

  • The top pressing plate is equipped with a simple but effective retaining system for the wrapping material
  • The frame is made wider to increase the space around the finished bale, so that the operator can easily reach all sides of the bale from his working position. The rail on the upper bridge for attaching a strapping tool extends over 180°, so that all strap positions can easily be reached.

  • The pressing plates have deep grooves, for easy insertion of  steel or plastic straps, especially for bulky materials.
  • The electrical cabinet is incorporated in the frame, and the operator standard is fixed on the frame, at a safe distance. The updated electrical control system with 2-hand controls ensures operator safety according to current standards
  • The total height of the machine is reduced to fit in low buildings

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