Record breaking capacity in export bales!

Valvan has successfully designed and tested a new high-capacity baling system for efficiently producing export bales up to 100 kg/ bale at a rate of 60 bales/ hour with only 2 operators for weighing, filling and baling.

The machine is specifically designed for baling bulk material with 40 tons pressing force into the ideal dimensions for maximizing container loading.

A semi-automatic loading and weighing system accounts for a fast cycle and the operator intervention at the end ensures an accurate weight/ bale. 3 storage positions for loads between the filling and baling system compensate for  the difference in working speed.

The baling  system consists of 2 baling units with alternate cycles ,so that only 1 central hydraulic unit is required with an optimal use of the available power.  The wrapping of the bale is done manually to allow the use of different wrapping materials / colors for different items. This operation requires only 1 person for the 2 baling units. This person also overviews the baling system from a central operator desk. The applied safety scanners allow easy but safe access for the operator.

The bales are automatically strapped with PES-strap by a fast high-tension strapping system. By moving the strapping system between the 2 baling units, 2 strapping heads suffice to obtain this high capacity.

A bale evacuation system ensures all bales arrive at 1 exit position, where they can be taken to storage.

The PC controlled system keep track of the production, the baled materials and the weights. This information can be used and exchanged with the customer’s stock management system.

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