Successful start-ups of 3 sorting systems for used clothing in Europe

In the last year, we have succesfully started-up 3 modern sorting systems for used clothing in Europe. Each system was custom-made to the requirements of the customer, the production and the available space.

At ‘Les Petits Riens’ in Belgium, we installed a box sorting system in their new building. We designed an unloading system, specifically built for their needs. As a collector of used clothing, they have several types of trucks, tilting trucks and small vans that unload at all hours of the day. After a presorting to remove the waste, the clothing can be filled in cages, big bags or it can be sent to the first sorting operation, where it is categorized and sent to the second sorting operation for further separation into a final product.

lpr-034 lpr-125

lpr-141 lpr-067

The next big project was a box sorting system for Respect-Textil Deutschland GmbH in Polch, Germany Because of the high production capacity, the automatic evacuation system from the second sorting operation to the presses for small and large bales, was a worthwhile investment to achieve an efficient sorting factory with a minimal labor cost.

respect-textil-deutschland-104 respect-textil-deutschland-130

img_1522 img_1568

The most high-tech project is a speech sorting system with integrated FIBERSORT for VIVE Group in Poland. The system is fed with swap trailers that are tilted and emptied automatically. After a presorting to remove the waste, the sorters in the speech sorting system separate the textiles directly into 36 categories. The non-rewearable textiles are automatically sorted based on the fiber composition by the FIBERSORT.

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