About us

At Valvan Baling Systems & Gualchierani Baling Systems, we do not simply sell machines, we provide solutions!

Our core business is manufacturing baling machinery for reducing the volume of materials for storage, transport or marketing purposes. The main fields of application are :

From this core business, we have further developed machinery for preparation and feeding before the baling machinery and bale handling systems thereafter.

For the used clothing and wiper market, this development has lead us to being the market leader in the supply of automated sorting systems.

Valvan Baling Systems and Gualchierani Baling Systems are part of VALTECH GROUP, a group of project-oriented companies. Being part of this group, allows us to offer turnkey projects, where you benefit from the years of experience of each of our partners.

Our drive for exploring new markets has lead us to special projects in the rubber business, radioactive waste handling and thermoforming projects. And our problem-solving skills continue to boost innovation.

Being a project oriented organization, each enquiry starts with an analysis of the requirements and expectations of the customer. Together, we determine whether existing technology can be used or if we need to adapt it, to fit your needs.

A preliminary 3D design and a detailed offer help you to envision the possibilities and make a well-founded choice.

Once the decision is made, a project engineer guides you through the different steps, from design, over manufacturing to installation, start-up and training.

Our qualified engineers are dedicated to intelligent design with an emphasis on production performance, operator safety, machine reliability and maintainability.

Our competent workshop staff aims to produce robust machinery, precisely manufactured and professionally finished. Our after sales team speaks Dutch, French, English and German to ensure clear communication and fast comprehension.

Advances in computer technology allow us to integrate visualization and remote support systems to assist our worldwide customers in the best way possible.

In 1968, during the period that the Flemish part of Belgium still had an important flax growing industry, Valvan was established and started the production of flax drying installations. Due to the tripling of the oil prices in 1973, the flax driers were no longer economically viable and Valvan had to start its search for new products.

oudatelier2The first oil crisis implied a higher environmental consciousness and lead to the development of an important recycling industry in Belgium. Valvan saw this opportunity and started the production of waste compactors and baling presses for textile waste. The first machines were very straightforward: the textile waste was fed in a closed box and a hydraulically driven pressing plate compacted the product inside this box. A bale was formed and the box walls were removed to allow wrapping and strapping of the bale. Valvan applied this technology to various contents, and so baling systems for paper, wood chips, staple fiber, glass fiber, etc. were developed.

Valvan continued to innovate in the field of baling presses and this resulted in a strong growth of the company in the 90’s. Valvan became a leading company in the field of compressing low density material.

gebouw 1In 1997, this resulted in the creation of an independent company specialised in this field: Valvan Baling Systems. In that same year, the new company buildings in Menen were inaugurated.

Valvan Baling Systems specialised in the construction of vertical machines for multiple applications like textile fiber (natural: cotton – wool – flax – … and synthetic: PP-staple fiber – PES Staple fiber – Viscose – Acrylic Staple fiber …), second hand clothing, foam (PU – Latex),…

In this period, Valvan Baling Systems also started to develop fully automated sorting plants for second hand clothing. In these plants, all hard labor is automated and the productivity of the sorting operators is optimized. Through continuous improvement In this market, Valvan became the undisputed worldwide market leader.

In 2000, Valvan Baling Systems acquired the baling press division of LVD who had an important customer base for baling presses for synthetic staple fiber and acetate tow.

The engineering teams of LVD and Valvan Baling Systems were brought together in Menen and combined their know-how to work on the further improvement of existing fiber and tow baling presses and the development of reliable full-automatic wrapping and strapping systems, integrated in the baling presses.

In 2002, through the acquisition of a local competitor, Piferoen Engineering, Valvan Baling Systems extended it’s product range with full automatic horizontal baling presses.

In 2005, Valvan Baling Systems acquired the Bump Press business for acrylic and wool tops from St-Eloi (company created in 1908), France. Today the complete product range is still produced, and full service is given on the ± 2000 St Eloi machines still working all over the world.

DSC_1053In 2007, the workshop was again expanded and this large and modern production facility allows Valvan Baling Systems to produce heavier and bigger machines.



In October 2010 Valvan Baling Systems created a sister company called Gualchierani Baling Systems and bought the patents of the famous GSA baling press. With this new venture, the Valvan organisation extended its knowledge in the fields of viscose staple fiber and acrylic staple fiber and tow.

Today, we are a project oriented organization. We are a leading supplier of an extensive range of specialized machines. We use our broad experience and our wide range of technical solutions to create new machines adapted to the customer’s requirements. Continuous improvement and innovation are the essence of the company.