Textile sorting solutions for the second-hand market

For thrift store owners, collectors, and sorters of used textiles, we create turnkey sorting systems that can handle both items for resale and recycled post-consumer textiles.

We can supply you with a full range of equipment to automate your process, including import data on your incoming products (both those destined for resale and post-consumer recycling). This data can include details on fiber content, condition, and other relevant factors to optimize sorting and maximize the value recovered. Our solutions can also track operator efficiency, sorted volumes, and bale production for recycled textiles, all while reducing operating costs and needed surface area. Production steps that can be automated include tipping, transporting, weighing, presorting, separating, baling, packing, and more.

Because the high value rewearable fraction is where the value is, sorting and grading are done manually, which we also facilitate with a variety of solutions.

Examples of our solutions:

Humana People to People Baltic


Salvation Army


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