Book sorting

Valvan does not only process textiles. As the demand for second-hand books rises, so does the demand for efficient ways to price and sort these books.

For this, Valvan has designed the Automatic Book Processing (ABP) machine. The ABP machine is capable of automatically detecting, labeling and sorting books. To achieve this, the machine uses a combination of computer vision, machine learning, and other automation technologies. The vision system detects the book and retrieves specifications such as the genre and price from a self-made database. A new price tag, with a competitive price compared to online shops, is applied on the fly by a SCARA robot. Because the books never stop moving on the conveyor belt, the ABP machine has a capacity of maximum 2000 books/hour depending on the input.

The ABP machine also helps streamline the sorting process by automatically distributing the priced books in customer-specific bins.

The machine enables retailers to intelligently catalog and tag books with competitive pricing that have been compared to online shops. By automating the product flow, customers are able to greatly speed up the pricing and sorting process and at the same time reduce sorting errors.


  • Semi-automatic
  • Sorts and labels up to 2000 books/hour

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