Textile sorting solutions for the recycling industry

For the recycling industry, we provide low-cost automated sorting solutions specifically designed to handle recycled post-consumer textiles. We can also help you scale up your manual sorting and separating of post-consumer textiles into a semi-automatic or automatic solution like Fibersort®.

Fibersort® is a revolutionary textile sorting machine that uses artificial intelligence (AI) models to identify and separate textiles based on fiber composition and color properties. This technology is crucial for efficiently processing large volumes of recycled post-consumer textiles. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) models to predict the concentration of fibers based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) scans, which include pure fibers and fiber blends.

This allows for highly accurate sorting of recycled post-consumer textiles. Fibersort® can also sort textiles based on color using an RGB camera. This system speeds up and improves the accuracy of textile sorting, making it an essential tool for textile manufacturers, collectors, and recyclers alike in order to achieve a circular textile economy where recycled post-consumer textiles are effectively reintroduced into the production cycle.

For more information about Fibersort® visit www.fibersort.com.

Closing the gap between sorting and recycling

After the Fibersort process, textiles are fed onto the Trimclean.

The Trimclean is a highly efficient system designed to extract trims like zippers, buttons and labels from fiber-sorted textile materials. Removing these undesired components, increases the purity of the feedstock, creating a high quality and reliable source of feedstock for textile-to-textile recyclers.

For more information about Trimclean, download the leaflet below.

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