Options for Channel Baling Press

Our full range of fully automatic baling presses can be equipped with a large variety of options to fit the needs of any specific material and increase overall machine performance.

Underneath you will find some of them, but please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

–  Hydraulic filling lids to pre-compress materials in to the filling chamber  to highly  increase bale density and the  capacity of the press.

IMG_0984 IMG_0990 Screenshot - 19_10_2015 , 12_01_36

– Tilting devices to tilt your carts or boxes easy and safely directly in the filling room of the baling press.

IMG_6060 adjusted (Large) IMG_2179 (Large) met kipper

– Pneumatic feeding to the baling press

DSC00950 DSCN1145 Holland.24

– Conveyor feeding to the baling press

DSC06628adapted conveyor to press Valvan 08

– Wiredetection system

– Dust extraction system  and material removal conveyor underneath the press

DSC01356 DSC_0009

– PET- Bottle perforators


–  integration of offline wrapping systems

20130809_140853  Lay out met afvoer Screenshot - 21_10_2015 , 18_29_20