With Automatic Movement of Can with Shuttle

This fully automatic bump press is designed to operate with 2 or more gills. The full cans are transferred by a shuttle from the gill to the bump press, and automatically inserted into the bump press. When the bump is pressed, it is automatically strapped and then ejected. The empty cans are removed out of the bump press and transferred to the chain gill with the same shuttle, that transfers the full cans.


Technical specifications:

Capacity: 20/25 bumps/ h
Can diameter: 400, 600, 800 mm
Pressing force: 10 T
Bumps weight: 10 to 45 kg
Strapping: automatic
Type of strap: Plastic

For large bumps (Ø600 mm & Ø800mm) an automatic palletizer system can be added, in order to load the bumps into carts.

Stacker  USA Wool - 021