Swivel Box Press

The V-V-LSK and PTH-AT presses are double box (=swivel box) presses for fibers. They are normally used for medium to high capacity applications. The presses can be fed by condenser, cutter on top or conveyor.

This type of press is suitable for a capacity of 6 to 15 bales  per hour.

The V-V-LSK is used for material that is not too resilient after compressing.

Swivel box V200V-LSK

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The PTH-AT is used for material that has a lot of resilience and expansion after compressing.

Daiwabo overzicht

Both can be equipped with automatic strapping and automatic wrapping as option

Also automatic bale evacuation is possible.


Pressing forces : 75T – 120T – 160T – 200T – 300T – 400T – 500T

Capacity : Up to 3.500 kg per hr, but this is depending on the type of material that you feed.

Motor power: from 30 kW to 110 kW

# of straps to be chosen by customer: 6 or 7


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