Semi-automatic GD-R Press

The GD40R-AS2-BES is the double version of the NDG40R-AS2-BES. Instead of having 1 prepress and 1 main press, this model has 2 main presses. While the pressing cycle is done on 1 main press, the strapping cycle is done on the other main press. The strapping system AS2 moves between the main presses. Therefor the capacity increases to 55 – 60 bales/ hour with only 1 press operator.

It is advized to extend the press with an automatic cart feeding system to efficiently transport full and empty carts. The bales from both main presses arrive at the same exit position.

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IMG_5168 IMG_5187

IMG_5193  IMG_5196

Capacity: 60 bales/ h with 1 press operator

  • Filling: Automatically through NDG carts
  • Pressing force: 40 tons
  • Motor power: 37kW
  • Machine weight: 19 tons
  • Box size (LxWxH) : 750 x 450 x 1500 mm
  • Bale size (LxWxH) : 765 x 465 x 250-600 mm
  • Bale weight: 45 to 100 kg
  • # straps: 4 + 2