Valvan presented a world first at ITMA Barcelona 2019!

Valvan was one of the West Flemish companies that recently attracted attention at the ITMA trade fair, the largest trade fair for textile machines in the world. The West-Flemish SME, which belongs to the Valtech group of the Vandeputte brothers, came out with a world first.

The Valtech Group is a conglomerate of thirteen companies that are active in one way or another in the engineering sector. Valvan is one of those daughters. Valvan’s core activity is the production of balers to reduce the volume of materials for storage, transport or marketing purposes. In Barcelona, ​​Valvan launched an innovative machine that was designed in-house and which, according to Dieter Wittouck, made no more or less of a world first: a sorting machine that can sort second-hand clothing according to fabrics. Sorting and inspection machines have long been commonplace in the food sector. In the textile world, however, a smart detection machine is new. “The entire textile sector is struggling worldwide with large waste flows,” says Wittouck. “Our machine can separate one substance from another at a glance, and that is exceptional.”

At the ITMA trade show in Barcelona, ​​there appeared to be a lot of interest in Valvan’s West Flanders offering. Especially the Chinese knocked on the door and immediately placed a series of orders.