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Valvan Wins Techtextil & Texprocess Innovation Award 2024

Valvan has been recognized as one of the winners of the prestigious Techtextil & Texprocess Innovation Awards 2024. Our company has been honored in the 'Digitalisation + AI' category for our revolutionary product, Trimclean.

Trimclean represents a significant advancement in textile recycling technology. By leveraging AI and computer vision, Trimclean streamlines the extraction of trims such as zippers, buttons, and labels from fiber-sorted textile materials.

In the current landscape, less than 1% of used garments are reprocessed into new clothing due to the challenge of removing trims, often requiring manual sorting. With Trimclean, this process becomes automated, precise, and efficient.

Our innovative system automatically identifies and removes non-textile components from old garments, resulting in a higher purity of feedstock for textile-to-textile recyclers. This ensures a more reliable source of high-quality feedstock and represents a significant step towards sustainable textile production.

Curious to learn more about Trimclean and how it's shaping the future of textile recycling? Follow this link.

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